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  • Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro

  • 17322.95

    Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro. is one software-only data recovery assisting tool, it is not used to recover data directly but all data recovery engineers need it to enhance data recovery efficiency and maximize all engineers’ data recovery success rate! All data recovery engineers can purchase Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro., download the latest software, install it, activate it and then get it working immediately for your data recovery success!

Dolphin DR Assistant-Module ‘File Rename’ ‘File Rename’ software module is very helpful in many data recovery cases. When the files lose their original names by raw recovery, recovery by file types, virus’s malicious modification, etc, users can use Dolphin DR Assistant to rename those files by extracting the date, Sheet name(excel), content, size. Our engineers are usually using ‘content renaming method’ frequently so that we can easily find out the wanted files we need.

About License One computer, One license! Users just need to download the software, open the software, click register to generate the license file to Dolphin team and Dolphin team will help to activate the software.

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