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  • DFL-URE USB Device Recovery Equipment

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    What is DFL-URE? DFL-URE: DFL-USB3.0 Recovery Express, it’s one newly developed USB device disk image and file recovery equipment. It has two USB3.0 interfaces which are able to connect two USB hard drives to run disk image or direct file extraction. All brands are supported. DFL-URE is another USB3.0 data recovery equipment besides DFL-DDP but DFL-URE is specially for USB hard drives with data loss due to accidental file deletion, virus deletion, system format, common slow running and detection, a lot of bad sectors, weak heads and even clicking noises.

URE Function Modules Disk imaging module, file recovery module, common hdd repair module, bad sector scan module, general function module including password set and unlock modules. DFL-URE Functions and Features 1, DFL-URE is one USB3.0 data recovery equipment for all USB hard drives which can be detected or undetected drives which can be fixed by its built-in common repair solutions; 2, DFL-URE is able to connect USB hard drives directly with its two built-in USB3.0 interfaces and recover two USB hard drives at the same time; 3, DFL-URE is able to image the USB hard drives to another target disk, image the patient drives to one image file or image selective heads or image wanted partitions and files only; 4, DFL-URE supports selective head image of Seagate, WD and Toshiba hard drives and will add Samsung USB hard drive selective head image in the upgrade. 5, DFL-URE is able to extract lost partitions, file folders, scan MFT, recover data by file types and recover selective files and partitions; 6, DFL-URE is able to unlock the WD USB hard drives if the password is given for smartware encryption; 7, DFL-URE is able to remove passwords for Seagate, WD, Samsung USB hard drives and will upgrade to support other USB hdd brands such as Toshiba; 8, DFL-URE is able to scan bad sectors and offer users initial diagnosis on how to move forward for a better recovery method; 9, DFL-URE has also many other fast solutions to common hdd failures of Seagate, WD, Toshiba etc; 10, For WD USB hard drives, we have also many direct firmware fixing functions including the following: NHPA; Slow Initialization fix; Remove Password; Edit Head Map In Ram; Load LDR; Reset Smart; Show Microcode Modules Test Read ROM Write ROM Read Modules Write Modules Read Tracks Write Tracks Translator Regenerate Load Module Dir … Pls. note DFL-URE is not one chip-off data recovery recovery equipment, it doesn’t read data from chips, if the flash drives have controller damage and couldn’t be detected in URE, then DFL-URE is not for it.

Warranty Policy: Dolphin Data Lab is providing 1 Year Hardware Warranty.(Advanced Replacement) Note:- Warranty Not Possible When Products Is Physically Tempered or not in original conditions Technical Support Facility: • SKYPE • DFL Support Forum (Forum Contains solutions of different issues, User Manuals of equipment, Troubleshooting and tips, case study videos) • Team Viewer (5 Remote support per month) Update Charges: After 2 Years is 200 USD/Year. We are providing Equipment’s live demonstration at our Company for free of cost