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  • WD USB-SATA and Firmware Unlock PCB Package Pro. 2022

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    This is one must-have WD USB-SATA and firmware Unlock PCB package for all data recovery engineers in 2022. Users get not only 100% working PCBs from us, the most important, users get some technique support documents and continuing support on these PCBs which will help users to fix the cases at high success rate, such as how to recover lost data on MCU locked hdds. Buy this PCB package and users will get HDD USB-SATA Wiring PCB Pro. as a gift to fix the SED V2 issue. Many WD USB faulty hard drives requires to convert to compatible SATA interface to handle the firmware or physical corruption and many WD MCU locked hard drives requires to swap with unlock PCBs to access the SA area and ROM for firmware repair. Must-have WD USB-SATA and Unlock PCB Package Pro. 2021 is one ideal and proven working package to recover lost data for above cases.

Must-have WD USB-SATA and Unlock PCB Package Pro. 2021 contains the following PCBs: 01: 2060-800022 SATA PCB which is compatible with USB 800041 of both 3t and 4t; 02: 2060-800065/800067/810003 unlock SATA PCB; 03: 2060-800066/800069/800068 unlock SATA PCB; 04: 2060-800077 unlock SATA PCB; 05: 2060-810011 unlock SATA PCB; 06: 2060-800025 SATA PCB; 07: 2060-810035 unlock SATA(newly added on Jan.18, 2021); Please note: Above firmware unlock PCBs don’t help on the WD SMR HDD SED V2 data encryption issue, they help only to access firmware area. To fix the SED V2 data encryption issue, users need to use HDD USB-SATA Wiring PCB Pro. or Data Unlock SATA Connectors. 08: Other compatible SATA PCBs for the following USB PCBs: 701605 701615 701635 701650 701675 771737 771754 771761 771801 771814 771817 771859 771949 771961 771962

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