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  • DFL URE Plus-NVme Data Recovery Equipment

  • 261062.95

    1, Support NVme bad sector SSD image, NVme bad sector SSD file extraction; 2, For external hard drives, support unstable/bad sector hard drive image, file extraction, set up head map and run selective head image; 3, Detailed settings are available to configure for each case for the best success rate of disk image and file extraction; 4, Support WD SMR USB HDD direct disk image, file extraction without encryption, head map setup(require users to get firmware module 190 and SMRZONE), WD SMR HDDs such as 2060-800041, 800067, 800069, 810003, 810012, 810033, 810035 hard drives; 5, Users can image to file, image to drive, image to VHD/VHDX; 6, Users can scan lost partitions, recover by file types, recover selected partitions, folders and files; 7, Users can run data only image and file image to save time and protect source drives;

DFL URE Plus-NVme Data Recovery Equipment(DFL-UREP) is one very helpful software and hardware combined data recovery tool. This equipment has one USB3.0 port and one NVme PCIe port. With DFL-UREP, users can work with USB portable drives, USB flash drives, NVme SSDs, SATA drives(requiring USB-SATA adapters to connect to the DFL-UREP). DFL-UREP is mainly used for disk imaging and file extraction and it offers some common firmware repair solutions as bonus for mechanical hard drives, for NVME SSDs, firmware repair is not available right now but will be available as one premium software addon, users can buy NVme SSD firmware repair module when available. DFL-UREP data recovery equipment adopts secured offline working mode without internet request, very easy and convenient to use. Users can install DFL-UREP data recovery software within windows 7 and windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit OS, one click to install driver for DFL-UREP device.

1, DFL-UREP hardware console; 2, NVME SSD Adapter; 3, External power adapter; 4, USB3.0 cable; 5, COM cable and connector; 6, 3.5″ USB HDD power connector; 7, USB cable tester

Warranty Policy: Dolphin Data Lab is providing 1 Year Hardware Warranty. (Advanced Replacement) Warranty Not Possible When Products Is Physically Tempered or not in original conditions Technical Support Facility: Free for 2 years · SKYPEE · DFL Support Forum (Forum Contains solutions of different issues, User Manuals of equipment, Troubleshooting and tips, case study videos) · Team Viewer (5 Remote support per month) Update Charges: After 2 Years is 200 USD/Year. Support Charges: After 2 Years is 200 USD/Year. Note: Price in INR is based on present USD rate (as Pay Pal) Note: Custom Duty and Shipping Cost is not included in quotation price.