Our engineers are experts in portable media data retrieval

CDs and DVDs are excellent storage media for text, audio, and video files, but their size and portability make them unprotected to both physical damage and logical errors. These handy storage media can be broken or scratched, or files may be corrupted, overwritten, or incompatible, all rendering their data inaccessible. If and when this happens to you, Smart Computech can help.

Smart Computech’s engineers have expertise and experience in retrieving data from a variety media, including all makes and models of CDs and DVDs. Data retrieval usually takes between 5 to 7 business days. And in the unlikely case that we can’t recover your data, you don’t have to pay. That’s our no data, no charge guarantee.

Common Causes of CD and DVD Failure

Over more than 14 years in the industry, Smart Computech has seen just about every possible CD or DVD failure, and we’ve recovered data from most. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Physical damage (scratched, broken, burned, etc.)
  • Human error (accidentally deleted or overwritten, etc.)
  • Incompatible file types/inaccessible files
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Reformatting
  • Boot failures
  • Viruses

Upon receiving your media, our data recovery specialists will perform a thorough examination to determine the cause and extent of the data loss. Then, using our proprietary tools and techniques, they will retrieve your lost data and return it to you in your format of choice.