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  • DFL eMMC Chip Reader All in One

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    DFL eMMC Chip Reader All in One is the latest high-quality chip-off data backup equipment, this is 100% hardware toolkit without any software. It adopts unique easy-to-use and all-in-one design for eMMC and eMCP BGA chips. DFL eMMC Chip Reader All in One has four connectors and one IC socket with complete chip holders for different chip sizes. Besides, users will get one SD card reader in the product package. BGA 153/169 connector BGA 162/186 connector BGA 221 connector BGA 529 connector

eMMC/eMCP chips are more and more widely used in different fields like below: 01: Mobile Phones 02: Tablet 03: Smart TV; 04: Vihicle multimedia terminal; 05: OTT; 06: Gaming machine; 07: Other fields. With DFL eMMC Chip Reader All in One, users can easily read the data from above eMMC EMCP BGA chips, some data can be visible directly and some others require data recovery software to analyze and extract the files, for example, users can use R-studio to extract the files after reading the data from the BGA chips.

Warranty Policy: Dolphin Data Lab is providing 1 Year Hardware Warranty.(Advanced Replacement) *Warranty Not Possible When Products Is Physically Tempered or not in original conditions* Technical Support Facility: · SKYPEE · DFL Support Forum (Forum Contains solutions of different issues, User Manuals of equipments, Troubleshooting and tips, case study videos) · Team Viewer (5 Remote support per month) Update Charges: After 2 Years is 200 USD/Year.